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The story of Elisabetta Franchi, the heart and soul of the namesake brand, is the story of a woman who successfully conquered the female universe thanks to her style and creativity. Her success is based on her unlimited passion, painstaking care for product design and sheer devotion to her job.


The story began in 1968 in Bologna, the city where Elisabetta was born and raised and where she completed her studies, at the Aldrovandi-Rubbiani Institute. In 1996 the designer opened her first workshop, where she began to craft her first ideas and designs. At the time Elisabetta collaborated with a team of 5. Today the company oversees a staff of over 200 people.Elisabetta Franchi is the creator of a perfectly crafted Ready to Wear collection that owes its success to her style and a particular production strategy based on the “Made in Italy” concept, on quality, excellence and care for details. This is how, in a little over a decade, Elisabetta Franchi has become one of the most successful next-generation brands in the world of fashion.


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Under Elisabetta Franchi’s leadership, the company reached 111 million euros of revenues in 2014, achieved through a global distribution (with over 1,100 multi-brand stores and 66 mono-brand stores). Confirming the reputation of the brand in the international market, the designer decides to make her debut on the runway during the Milan Fashion Week, with Spring Summer 2015 collection.

Ethics and love for animals are a priority. Elisabetta’s collections adhere to the Fur Free Retailer Program, a project held in collaboration with LAV (Anti-Vivisection Coalition), geared toward the elimination of garments containing animal fur.

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