Getting ready for a special occasion becomes a ritual full of excitement, amazement and wonder.

Choosing the right and perfect dress to wear, playing with accessories, looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful, seeking advices from friends and taking things with a hint of irony: these are characteristic moments of this very feminine ritual all women lived once in their life, at least.

Somebody made a fashion brand out of this whole world of feelings.

This is how Tresophie is born: an international fashion brand, which is completely dedicated to the dress code for special and important occasions, where the archetype of feminine elegance meets innovative and contemporary features.


In one single word, Tresophie tells the story of three women, three princesses, eccentric dreamers, romantic and flirty, bon-ton and elegant: lifestyles that translate into three different ways to wear and interpret a dress.


Tresophie borrows highly qualified manufacturing techniques and production processes from the long-time experience of a great clothing Group, giving each item the best quality standards and attention to details.


Alisa Hamzic

T. +44 (0) 207 428 3280


10-11 Greenland Place

London NW1 0AP

T. +44 (0) 207 428 3280


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