Two words, a harmonious combination, a winning binomial. In the name of its brand Twin-Set reveals its origins, its present and its future paths. Starting from the transverse spirit of this iconic garment, a union of a cardigan and its sweater, a marriage between feminine fascination and self-assured elegance, discreet seduction and sartorial knowhow, but also ambassador of a territory that has made quality and excellence its cardinal virtues. And then a versatile company with a strong identity imbued with creativity, research, insight, entrepreneurial spirit, two driving forces and unanimous passion. 


Founded as a knitwear company, today Twin-Set – Simona Barbieri S.p.A. is heavily present in Italy and abroad with a total look offer to dress women “from head to toe” in timeless, contemporary elegance.


The TWIN-SET total look is rounded off by the neonate denim and jersey collections & the second line SCEE is designed for the younger set, without neglecting detail and quality,


Alisa Hamzic

T. +44 (0) 207 428 3280


10-11 Greenland Place

London NW1 0AP

T. +44 (0) 207 428 3280


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